Electric control of magnetism at the Fe/BaTiO3 interface

Using electric fields for magnetic writing is a very appealing opportunity, however, bulk multiferroic materials at room temperature have not been yet found. Instead, interfacial magnetoelectric coupling could be a viable path to achieve electrical writing of magnetic information in spintronic devices.

Here, we report on a room temperature ON-OFF electrical switching of the interfacial magnetization at the Fe/BaTiO3 interface.


G. Radaelli, D. Petti, E. Plekhanov, I. Fina, P. Torelli, B. R. Salles, M. Cantoni, C. Rinaldi,    D. Gutiérrez, G. Panaccione, M. Varela, S. Picozzi, J. Fontcuberta & R. Bertacco, "Electric control of magnetism at the Fe/BaTiO3 interface", Nature Communications 5, 3404 (2014) DOI