Advanced Methods and Instrumentation

One of the IOM activities is related to the development and implementation of advanced methods and novel instrumentation. These activities offer a wide range of know-how in many different fields:

  • Cultural Heritage

    Physical techniques for cultural heritage and environment

    X-ray Aborption Spectroscopy (XAS) for the speciation and determination of local geometry of chromophores in cultural heritage or trace pollutants in environmental science. Development of advanced XAS data analysis techniques.

  • Nanoarchitectures Solar Energy

    Nanoarchitectures for solar energy harvesting

    The morphology of active layers in organic or hybrid solar cells has a profound influence on their performance as devices. We investigate different methods for gaining a high level of control in the morphology of interpenetrated donor/acceptor phases down to the scale of few nanometers.

  • Space Optics

    Chiroptical spectrometer in the VIS-UV range

    Novel instrumentation for optical characterization in the VIS-UV-FUV

  • Microscopy methods

    Development of electron microscopy methods

    The mission is to develop new transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Scanning TEM (STEM) methods to study the crystal structure and the chemistry, magnetic and electronic properties of the matter at the highest spatial resolution and accuracy

  • Microscopy methods

    Optical nanomanipulation for biological systems

    Novel optical microscopy instrumentation and techniques for nanotechnology, biophysics and biomedicine: optical trapping and manipulation of micro and nano particles, pN force spectroscopy by means of optical tweezers, laser microsurgery, digital holographic and speckle microscopy, micro-Raman spectroscopy, TIRF and FRET fluorescence.

  • FAST project

    The FAST project: high-speed imaging with commercial scanning probe microscopes

    FAST is an actively developed electronics add-on module that allows for driving commercial scanning probe microscopes to video rate and beyond.