Imaging with Femtosecond Electrons and X-ray pulses - IFEXS

IOM announces the forthcoming 1st International Workshop on Imaging with Femtosecond Electrons and X-ray pulses (IFEXS) , to be held in Trieste, February 1-3 2016

The latest achievements in ultrafast electron and X-ray diffraction, spectroscopy and imaging have enabled to follow the evolution of a variety of systems during phase transitions, structural transformations and chemical reactions.

The scope of the workshop is to discuss the next frontier of ultrafast science regarding the advances of both electrons and photons based techniques with a special focus on the necessary cross-feeding between them.

Emphasis will be put on the complementary aspects of ultrafast electron microscopy and X-FEL based diffractive imaging techniques and on the future perspective of broadening the applicability of these tools by considering X-rays also as a chemically selective photo excitation and combining fs-X-ray beams with fs electron beams in an ad hoc modified Transmission Electron Microscope.

The program will comprise invited keynote lectures and poster presentations.

Topics will include Light-induced control of nanostructures, Novel approaches to the generation of ultrafast electron beams, Dynamical studies of soft matter and biological aggregates, Ultrafast and spin-resolved phenomena in strongly correlated systems, Theory and simulation of ultrafast phenomena, FEL-based approaches, Complementarity between X-rays and electrons based techniques.

The workshop is open to all contributions (from theoretical, experimental, and simulation methods).

Deadline for submission of a two page abstract is January 7, 2016. Registration is due by January 20, 2016.

We aim at providing a forum where highly reputed invited speakers and younger researchers can exchange knowledge and fruitfully discuss on progresses in the fields, to stimulate novel research and new collaborations, and to foresee instrumental upgrades.

For info, registration, accomodation, venue, etc., please see IFEXS website