Nanoregion networks several nanotechnology laboratories in an area that includes the Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and some regions of Slovenia and Croatia, with the aim of making nanotechnologies available to macro-region companies.

Non-contact mechanical and chemical analysis of single living cells by microspectroscopic techniques

A non-contact method that combines two microspectroscopic techniques can perform mechanical and chemical analysis of single living cells. These properties are intimately connected and assures the correct functionality of cells and tissues: their imbalances can be symptoms and effects of pathologies. Current measurements of cell mechanics require physical contact or they lack in spatial resolution.

Ultrafast charge transfer pathways through a prototype amino-carboxylic molecular junction

The chemical affinity between different functional groups represents a powerful mechanism for driving the assembly of complex hetero-organic architectures on surfaces. The improvement of the charge transport (CT) properties of these systems is the key issue for their efficient employment as prototypes of organic- based electronic devices. In this view, we report here the study of the CT in a molecular junction based on the amino-carboxylic (A-C) interaction.

A living bio-hybrid system studied by means of a multidisciplinary approach

A multidisciplinary approach to study the functional properties of neuron-like cell models constituting a living bio-hybrid system: SH-SY5Y cells adhering to PANI substrate

One of the more challenging aspects in cognitive or in rehabilitation neurosciences is the design of functional hybrid systems able to mimic the brain functionality, to connect and to exchange information between biological materials, like brain or neurons, and man-made electronic devices.